Stand Up For Hope

Oct 22, 2016 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM CDT  
Minneapolis Central Library  /  300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55401, United States


Directions & Parking

Whether you are coming by car, bus, or imaginary horse, here is how to get there!
Google Maps- HERE
Map Quest- HERE

-Street Parking (Metered) is available on Hennepin Ave, Marquette Ave and 3rd Ave
-Outdoor Lot Parking available on Marquette and 2nd, Marquette and Nicollet, and Nicollet and Hennepin
-Heated Library Parking Ramp
(Because, let's face it- who knows what sort of frozen tundra we could be facing in late October)
Available undreneath the Library off of 3rd Street, in between Nicollet and Hennepin.   Click HERE for pricing and details
*Please Note: Nicollet Ave is reserved for buses and taxis ONLY*


Hotels & Accommodations

It's quite possible you will be too tired to drive home after laughing so much, here are some nearby accomodations to check out!
The Westin Minneapolis - Website Phone: (612)333.4006
Minneapolis Marriot City Center - Website Phone: (612)349.4000
Radisson Blu Minnepolis - Website Phone: (612) 339.4900


Sponsorship Opportunities

An established 501(c)3 non-profit organization hosting a live stand up comedy event with popular national and local comedians, all to bring hope to widows, widowers and their young children...sounds pretty amazing, right?!  If you or your corporation would like to support a worthy cause  AND get your name associated with this little gem of an event, reach out to us at regarding sponsorship opportunities!


Questions or Issues?

Feel free to reach out to Emily at or Cody at (612) 309.3051 if you have any other questions regarding the event or are having issues purchasing your ticket!  Hope to see you there!