Taylor Benterud

CEO & Founder, Better AMS

Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Better AMS and AMS Radar. His agency has generated over $3 million in sales at an average ACOS of 25% for his clients using only Headline Ads and Product Display Ads. When he’s not scaling his agency and making his clients more money, he enjoys taking online courses from his mentors learning new ways to grow both personally and financially.

Presentation Topic

3 AMS Strategies That Can Increase Your Monthly Sales From $5,000 - $150,000

In this presentation, Taylor will be covering the 3 strategies that have allowed him to scale his clients' businesses and make some of them an extra $100,000 / month at a 20% ACOS just using Headline ads and Product display ads on Amazon.

Offer for Summit Attendees

Free account audit + $1,000 off account setup fee

4 AMS Advertising Strategies that can Make You an Extra 6-7 Figures a Year

Taylor shares 4 AMS improvements that can potentially increase your Amazon sales exponentially!

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