Richard Evans

Co-Founder, Scaleforetail

Richard, together with his partner Shelley, has a successful ecommerce business with 3 private label brands, selling across North America and Europe. Before starting an Amazon business 3 years ago, Richard was a buyer for a leading international retailer and has many years’ experience of sourcing direct from China, as well as other countries in Asia. Richard’s expertise lies in making every day products different, as well as managing quality and supplier relationships.

Presentation Topic

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Factories – Strategies That Work For Big Retailers

In this presentation, Richard will talk about: 1. How to identify and engage the right factories for developing PL products 2. Do’s and don’ts in project managing new products 3. Advanced tips and techniques to make sure you stay in control of the relationship 4. How to minimise risk and maximize quality 5. He will share his template contract 6. He will talk about the service providers they use, including inspection companies and freight forwarders

Offer for Summit Attendees

10% discount off Scaleforetail 1-2-1 coaching

Strategies for Big Retailers to Get the Best out of Factories

Richard previews his topic at the upcoming Global Sources Summit in April 2018.

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