Michael Hartman

Managing Partner, Innoventic Inc.

Michael has a long experience in marketing and finance with an MBA in International Taxation and with more than 7 years of experience in company formation in the US. In the past 5 years, his focus has moved to Amazon, now being a well-known PPC and Amazon scaling expert.

Presentation Topic

5 Proven Tactics For Brands To Succeed On Amazon

In this presentation, Michael will share tested strategies for brands to efficiently expand their sales on Amazon, and profitably scale their business. His talk will cover key aspects of the process including, identifying the market, reviewing internal MIS systems, running a test before launch and scaling, inventory control, and automation.

Offer for Summit Attendees

Free access to tools for Amazon sellers plus 50% off on all services for all new clients for the first 3 months.

5 Proven Tactics for Brands to Succeed on Amazon

Michael previews his topic at Global Sources Summit April 2018 and teases some tactics that successful brands use when selling on Amazon

Supercharge Your Amazon Sales

Michael spoke at Global Sources Summit April 2017 and shared strategies to improve one's Amazon PPC

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