Aron Raduly

Co-Founder, SentryKit

From Hungary to the UK then the world. Aron is a developer by trade, former Amazon seller and world traveller. He has a passion for start-ups and tech, having sold his Amazon business in 2016. In early 2017, Aron launched SentryKit, a tool that helps Amazon sellers with account monitoring and real-time sales info.

Presentation Topic

How Million Dollar Amazon Sellers Build A Team To Run Their Business On Autopilot

Aron will give practical advice on how to build and manage a small remote team to handle the day-to-day tasks. He will share tips, tricks and tools million-dollar sellers use to achieve a stress-free business. He’ll drill down to: - What are the specific tasks your VA should do daily, and what to check weekly - Ready made SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) you can give to your VAs - Areas VAs don’t excel in, and you should do yourself - Time-wasting tasks people love and how to side-step them

Offer for Summit Attendees

Get SentryKit for $99 for an entire year (over 56% off) 
- 20 product listings: $99 for a year (over 56% off)
- Additional tiers (20 listings): $99 for a year (over 17% off)

How Multi-million Sellers Build a Team to Run Businesses on Autopilot

Aron previews his topic at Global Sources Summit in April 2018 on how big Amazon sellers automate their business and save themselves costs from duplicating efforts and red tape

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