Shelley Simone

Co-Founder, Scaleforetail

Shelley is co-founder of Scaleforetail, a UK-based eCommerce training and consultancy business designed to support online businesses in the US and Europe. After an illustrious international corporate career in training and people development, Shelley came into e-commerce 3 years ago. She also has experience in retail, manufacturing and Internet business. Understanding how big companies work has been an advantage for Shelley in her ecommerce business. It’s meant that, when necessary, she has navigated her way through this organizational jungle and turned big companies into business partners rather than frenemies.

Presentation Topic

How To Generate Reviews Despite Amazon And Customer Service Done Right

One of the biggest challenges Amazon sellers face is getting reviews and recognition for their customer service ethic. In this presentation, Shelley is going to show you how to communicate your brand's positioning and what it stands for to your customers. Shelley will share strategies to develop a killer content strategy and plan so you can communicate effectively with your customers when they’re happy AND when they’re disappointed. She will also discuss new and tested ways to reach your Amazon customers, especially how to get around email opt outs on Amazon.

Offer for Summit Attendees

10% discount off Scaleforetail 1-2-1 coaching

How to Generate Amazon Reviews & Customer Service Done Right

Shelley previews what she will be sharing at Global Sources Summit in April 2018 to generate Amazon reviews through good customer service

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