David Bryant

Partner, EcomCrew

Dave has been importing from China for over 10 years and has developed several brands generating millions of dollars annually in sales. In 2016, he exited his ecommerce company and moved to China to recreate another brand in the offroad 4x4 market. He's also a former Amazon FBA employee of 5 days.

Presentation Topic

How To Make Small Improvements To Products From Chinese Factories For Big Returns

One of the biggest struggles importers have is they feel like every product they want to import has a million competitors already. In this session, David will discuss how importers can take existing products from Chinese factories and make small changes to those products to help differentiate their products from the rest of the competition on Amazon and other selling channels. He will give an overview of very simple design changes importers can make for cheap and work his way up to the most difficult and expensive changes they can make using examples along the way he has used in his businesses. He will give strategies and tactics for discussing and negotiating these changes with factories.

Offer for Summit Attendees

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Making Small Improvements to Chinese Factories Products for Big Returns

David attends Global Sources Summit for the first time in April 2018 as he shares on how making minor tweaks to your products from Chinese factories could make huge impact on your sales and in differentiating your products.

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