Erick Rodriguez

Founder, Virtuous Graphics

Erick has been doing eCommerce for 10+ years, since the early days when he did $24k in his first 3 months on eBay at the age of 13. In the pursuit of entrepreneurship he rejected traditional job opportunities at Google & Microsoft to take a one way flight to China to take his eCommerce endeavors to the next level. Erick is a current digital nomad, 6-figure monthly eCommerce seller, owner of a product photography studio in Philippines that employs over a dozen people, and WalMart retail vendor in 1282 locations.

Presentation Topic

Leveraging Video Content & YouTube Influencers To Increase Your eCommerce Sales

As eCommerce sellers we’re always looking for the edge over our competition, an often overlooked area involves leveraging video content. In this presentation Erick will be covering everything from how to implant videos in your image gallery through EBC or A+, to how to add video shorts to the bottom of an Amazon listing.

He will also cover more advanced lessons on video content, such as providing step-by-step instructions on how you can use YouTubers to send traffic to your listings. As well as an explanation of the different types of video content such as: testimonial videos, how to videos / informative videos; and what scenarios are best too use each of them.

Offer for Summit Attendees

US$100 off first photography purchase from Virtuous Graphics, and free 20 minutes consultation

Leveraging Video & YouTube Influencers to Increase eCommerce Sales

Speaking at Global Sources Summit for the second time, Erick will cover on advanced video content and how to engage infuencers to boost eCommerce sales

Photography, Packaging & Inserts for Amazon FBA

Erick shares tips on using product photography and packaging collaterals to differentiate your Amazon products from your competitors

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