Michael Quinn

Founder, Maveriq Brands LLC

It's always an adventure and laughs with Michael since he focuses more on a life of joy than growing a big business. Although his new Amazon business did $1m in sales in 2017. He keeps a great work/life balance while enjoying lots of travel, crazy adventures like wing walking, and the occasional onesie party. Former business lives included owning a website development firm and a 1000+ home property management firm. Now he focuses more on living a life of joy that includes having fun while mom and brothers play business with him.

Presentation Topic

How To Emotionally Connect With Your Customers - Play Business Even Better

Join along as Michael explores the top trends for emotionally connecting with your customers. Create raving fans, increase the percentage of people who leave reviews, and increase the overall review rating in process. Even build a fan base to use when launching new products. We'll show you how other businesses and our business share an authentic, transparent, and vulnerable story to foster connection. Learn the power of story in your brands as we explore specific examples used today.