Grub Wubs 

May 27th 8pm - 2am  
Studio 7 

Arctic Productions & Stupid Shrimp productions Presents

Grub Wars : PizzaFest FREE PIZZA!!'s Very Own DJ Dummy BDAY BASH!!!

18+ to dance 
21+ to drink 


Tier 1 - $15 
Tier 2 - $20
At The Door - $25
VIP - $45

VIP bathrooms
VIP Lounge
Green Room access 
Laminated VIP Badge
Meet / Greet 
Expidited Entry 
Silicone Grub Wubs wrist band
The Smoking Penguin Smoked Cheese's
The Smoking Penguins Smoked Salmon 
Free Water 
Free Soda
Raffle Ticket to win Eternal Dragon VIP for Kamehameha 4 

Everyone who attends Gets-
Pizza & EDM!!! OMG!!! 


★★ DJ VENOM ★★

Morlock Musik // Corson Agency // Hard Dance Nation Providence, //

AMERICAN HARD HOUSE LEGEND Few artists put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their performance as DJ Venom. With two decades behind the decks, this New England native has been a major figure in the North American EDM scene. Coming at you with head banging sounds, flawless mixing and award-winning scratching skills, this veteran fills the dance floor with stomping feet and hard beats. He continues to breathe life into the underground scene, and he doesn't plan on stopping. He continues to relentlessly tours the continent, unleashing his signature sounds to packed dance floors of sweat-covered fans. In 1994, Venom started Volume Productions, a rave oriented company dedicated to the advancement of the underground electronic scene. Not only did Volume release over 70 DJ Venom mix tapes, they also formed an army of partygoers by throwing numerous raves and events, including the famous Energy night. He further gained notoriety for his scratching and turntable skills that earned him numerous awards in competitions and battles throughout the years, including two second place finishes at the WMC battles in Miami. In 2000, Venom signed with the legendary Chicago-based label, Underground Construction. His hard house sound was a perfect match and he began releasing a series of top-selling CDs including the "Straight Bangin'" series, the "House Blend" series and the "Raise the Volume" series. Today, Venom continues to champion the hard dance scene, releasing an arsenal of head banging Hard House, Hard Dance, Hardstyle and Hardcore. He continues to put out mix CDs on his own label, Morlock Musik, as well as various side projects under the aliases of Scratch Gringo and Eddie Brock. Prepare for the mayhem. Prepare for the chaos. Prepare for DJ Venom!

★★ Chubby und TUBBY★
★Camp Muir, WA★

Originally found by hikers abandoned near the summit of Mt. Rainier and raised deep in the rainforests of western Washington, this legendary pair of lumberjacks have grown up punching bears and searching for the craziest beats. Equal parts whiskey, 2 stroke oil, and bathing in glaciers, this pair will drop the bass like an old growth tree hitting the ground and making every sphincter in your body clench.
Packaged in flannel, Chubby und Tubby are guaranteed to bring you a night of burly bass like you have never heard. Why do they wear suspenders, you ask? To help hold in all the awesome. These guys are lit like a forest fire, fam. Believe.


★★ DJ Hot n Ready ★★
★★Master Mash up's ★★

Hot N' Ready, the dynamic duo that has been slathering up Seattle's freshest beats four more than half a decade is back at it again. Join DJ Antarctica and The Sauce and party with the hardest-working DJs in the game. When the genres are toppings, Hot N' Ready is supreme

★★ drmöbius ★★

drmöbius makes music.
drmöbius plays his music for you.
drmöbius hates lengthy bio's nobody reads.
To learn about drmöbius, go here:


★★ Radikill ★★
★★ Bounce/Electro/Bass ★★

Ever since 2009 Radikill (formerly Dreadlok Holmez) has been smashing out heavy tracks on dancefloors across the Northwest. Playing an arsenal of styles from Dirty Electro to Trap and Bass/Dubstep, he is currently focusing on Bounce/Electro/Bass house/Minimal and experimenting with Jungle Terror. Backed with 7 years of DJ experience in the PNW, he's also known for his wacky antics ranging from launching money out at his crowd, blasting them with a CO2 cannon, tossing out swag to those who jump the hardest, and even bringing blow up dolls and other inflatables for his crowd. Radikill has opened for artisits such as NGHTMRE, Doctor p, Pegboard nerds, Psymbionic/Clozee, Protohype/Figure and Aaron Jackson, Plus many more to come. He delivers a high energy performance that's more of an experience than a set.
Morgan Lindsey

★★ Send Noods ★★
★★ Seattle WA ★★

Armed with light-speed arcade button mashing skills and a thirst for broken beats, Sake Bomb is on a mission to prove that "Normal" isn't always a good thing. Starting with a life long love of music, and spurred on by the inspiring experiences had since first entering the scene in 2007, Sake Bomb has transformed herself from mere up and coming talent to the holder of multiple Seattle residencies, Entropy Group's Rotation X Champion, and owner of Rotation's longest ever win streak. In a world ruled by neon tank tops and big room 4x4 beats, she strives to revive the old school break beat sound she fell in love with through her sets, all while still embracing a modern and inventive vibe

★★ R3MIX ★★

[ Musician, producer, DJ and electronic music connoisseur Remix hails out of Seattle, Washington. Having speant many years in the pursuit of her craft she's earned slots in many of Seattle's heart pounding edm shows. Specializing in Melodic Hardstyle don't be surprised when you find yourself suddenly dancing.



Http:// ]

★★DJ X-Fadid! ★★

DJ X-Fadid aka Michael-Anthony is a 21 year old Hard Dance DJ hailing from Tacoma, Wa, their inspiration into starting to DJ was DJ boundless, DJ X-Fadid started mixing in 2012 and played his first show that same year and ever since has been in love with being behind the scenes in the rave scene, and their always ready to throw down an epic bouncy set for the fans!

★★ Reign One ★★

Reign has been spinning records since 1999. He started out scratching whatever sounds he could find on records to make sounds that sounded right to him. After years of B-BOYING he started spinning at all the local B-BOY competitions. After feeling comfortable in playing in front of large crowds he realized this is what he wanted to do. He soon started playing shows in Seattle at raves and then found his electronic touch that he brings to the table today!

Reign has held down multiple residencys such as: JAZZBONES, GRUV, SURREAL, HELLSKITCH, THE SWISS, THE LOCHS, DORKY'S and more. 

Reign plays ALL genres of music everything from dubstep, turntablism, electro, top 40 club, all the way to 70's funk and soul and everything in between.

Reign has shared the stage with the likes of national legends such as:
SHOCK G (humpty of digital underground)
J ROC (of the beat junkies)
ROC RADIA (of the executionars) 

REIGN ONE has spun for many festivals such as: HEMPFEST SEATTLE, ART ON THE AVE, and MANY MORE.

★★ Bisconer ★★
Portland, OR/Vancouver WA
Talxic Studio, Dreamtime, Arctic, Wizard Productions.

Garold Bisconer is a Portland OR based Hardcore Producer/DJ, and is one half of the duo RexConer, who have played alongside international headliners and other talented artists. A seasoned veteran in the rave scene, he decided in 2013 to branch out from just DNB and begun playing hard dance music for companies such as Unity, Arctic, Wizard, Dreamtime and more. He is known for his bouncy hardcore sets blended with his own multigenre produced tracks, which also include happy hardcore, and DNB


LUV HERTZ is a up and coming DJ/Producer born and raised in Tacoma Washington. After falling in love with electronic music in 2014 he soon realized he wanted to be a bigger part of this amazing community. In mid 2016 he decided to make music his career. Though early in his career he has already played at several local bars and a few large house parties. When asked about his goals LUV HERTZ would say “I want to make the world a brighter place one festival and one song at a time.” He brings a passion for friends, family, life and most importantly music to every venue. Influences range from Tech N9ne and Iron Maiden to Borgeous and Skrillex. Only time will tell whats next for him but with this level of passion there are no limits.


Tony Dolan aka DJ Tek was born and raised in Seattle Washington. From his first rave in 2005 Tek loved EDM music. HHC was his first love and still one of if not his favorite genre(UK Hardcore), shortly after he heard Hardstyle, just like hhc, he fell in love. After 1 year of going to raves Tek knew he wanted to do more. He started playing records in 2006 starting with hardcore and hardstyle. He eventually got into electro house and after playing house parties for a little while himself and friends started Seattle Nocturnal Events. February 2008 was our first production. That opened the gates for Tek, after that he started playing at the local raves and 21+ clubs. Trinity, Last Supper, Copper Cart are just a few to name. In 2012 Tek became a resident at The Last Supper Club on Thursday nights. Dont expect to see Tek stick to just one genre during a mix, as he switches it up from electro house to dubstep/dnb to hard dance and more

Justin Case 
“Provider of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.”

Never afraid to go too deep into his crates to get the party jumping! For me, it’s all about mood and a hypnotic groove… Playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date

Arctic Productions
This powerhouse production company has been one of the biggest names in raves on the west coast since 2011! 
Creators of such shows as Tundra, Fantasy Kingdom, Inferno, Kamehameha, Super Smash Ravers Melee & many more. Arctic Productions strives to keep Seattle connected with all hard styles of dance to keep the beat bumping. ♥
❤ Please Read ❤
Prohibited items and behaviors include:
Drugs, Outside Food/Drinks, Weapons, Violence, Large Backpacks, Drama, Bad Anythings.

Please bring yourself, friends and good vibes. 
By purchasing this ticket you, as sound mind and body, are agreeing to the terms above. NO REFUNDS all ticket sales are final

Hot N Ready   /  X-Fadid  /    /  Chubby und TUBBY /  drmobius  /  And More

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Arctic Productions

Arctic Productions, one of the biggest names in raves on the west coast!!!! Creators of Fantasy Kingdom - Inferno - Kamehameha - Super Smash Ravers Melee & many many more. Keeping Seattle connected with there HHC since 2011 This powerhouse production company is here to stay and keep the beat bumping. ♥
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