Ham Radio Technician Course

Oct 06, 2017 5:00 PM - Nov 03, 2017 9:00 PM MDT

El Paso County EOC

3755 Mark Dabbling Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States

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In Person Course Cost
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This course cost includes your Technician License Course Book, your HRT Handbook, and one attempt at you Technician Class Final Exam. (Dates: October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, & November 3rd 5-9pm)
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Online Stream Course Cost
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ITS HERE!!!! You can Stream this class online for a lower cost then the in person course! Once you sign up here, we will send you an email with the direct links to the live feed. This live feed WILL ONLY STREAM the 4 classroom times along with our October Class. You will be able to interact LIVE with the instructors and ask questions through the Live Chat. If you take this course online you are allowed to attend the in-person testing session on day five. You will also need to order your own book. Please order through MEREO, or through Amazon. (You email will give you the links.)(Dates: October 6th, 13th, 20th, & 27th 5-9pm. The November 3rd is the test day)
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Event Description

Our class is a 5 session course split along 5 Fridays. (October 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th & November 3rd) The first four sessions are a classroom style teaching that will help you walk through the world of Ham Radio. The last session is our ham radio test session. This class is MEREO's longest class we offer. 


Class Schedule:


Chapter 0: Before We Begin

Chapter 1: Operating your Radio

    1.1 Transceiver Basics

    1.2 Ham Communications Basics

    1.3 Repeater Basics

Chapter 2: FCC Rules & Regs

    2.1 The FCC and You

    2.2 Controlling Your Station

    2.3 Call Signs

    2.4 Talking to the World

Chapter 3: Things to Do

Chapter 4: Wavelength, Frequency, and Bands

    4.1 Wavelength and Frequency

    4.2 Bands, Band Plans, and License Privileges

Chapter 5: Signal Propagation

Chapter 6: How Radio Works

    6.1 Transmitting

    6.2 Receiving

    6.3 Bandwidth and Sidebands

Chapter 7: Antennas

    7.1 Antenna Basics

    7.2 Standing Wave Ratio

    7.3 Coax & Connectors

Chapter 8: It's Electric

    8.1 Electric Basics

    8.2 Ohm's Law & Power Law

    8.3 Making Electrical Measurements

Chapter 9: Hamtronics

    9.1 Electronic Basics

    9.2 Transistors and More

Chapter 10: Digital Modes

Chapter 11: Space Contacts

Chapter 12: Avoiding Interference

Chapter 13: Safety

    13.1 Electrical Safety

    13.2 Antenna & Tower Safety

    13.3 Rf Exposure Safety



The Book

The book that we use is the Technician License Course from the Ham Radio School.com. This book is apart of the $40.00 course fee.


Info from the Author

NEW for NCVEC question pool July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2018!

The HamRadioSchool.com Technician License Course book and free multimedia web site provides everything you need to become an FCC licensed amateur radio operator! This learning system not only offers the best exam preparation available today, it will help you to really understand ham radio so that you have the competence and the confidence to get on the air quickly! 

Fully illustrated and logically organized in easy-to-digest sections with a building-block learning approach, all 426 Technician exam pool questions for 2014-2018 are highlighted within a framework of explanation that uses common language, everyday analogies, and simple examples. The balance of depth with simplicity makes real learning about ham radio rewarding and enjoyable! 

Our free online media includes interactive section quizzes, multimedia learning supplements, interesting web links and more, to reinforce book and exam topics section-by-section and to provide practical "how to" advice on getting started in ham radio. With the book and our fully coordinated, optional iOS quizzing and practice exam mobile device app, you can study and practice questions anywhere, anytime! 

No matter your education or background, with HamRadioSchool.com you will ace your exam, and you will really get it! 


About the Author

Stu Turner, WØSTU, holds an FCC Extra license, the top amateur license. As a professional educator he served as a US Air Force Academy engineering professor for eight years where he honed his skills of making difficult topics fun and easy to understand.

With his radio club he regularly teaches weekend ham radio classes that include youth as young as 10, non-technical domestic engineers, trained electrical engineers, senior citizens, emergency responders, and everyone in between! Over the years his Technician Class exam success rate consistently exceeds 90%.

He is a published amateur radio magazine author, and his exciting and inventive amateur radio events with his boy scout troop have been featured in Boys Life Magazine.

Stu is a bright new face in amateur radio education who brings fresh ideas, effective new perspectives, and innovative instructional methods that you will find easy to follow and fun to read. 

El Paso County EOC
3755 Mark Dabbling Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States
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