Eventgrid Features

Easily create and manage your event

Create amazingly beautiful professional event websites and increase attendance with email and social media marketing tools.

Manage event Data / Measure Results

At-a-glance insights help you understand events data like never before.

Low flat rate. No hidden fees

2% of the ticket fee. No hidden pricing.

Create events

Create customized online event registration pages
and a beautiful ticketing experience that matches
your brand perfectly.

More about Eventgrid Expression

Create Custom Event Pages

Create a customized branded event
page, complete with your own
colors, logos, images, and a
personalized URL/web address.

Offer Multiple Types of

Create customized online event
registration pages and a beautiful
ticketing experience that matches
your brand perfectly.

Professional Ticketing

Specify different ticket types,
discount codes, and send attendees
professional barcoded /iPhone
passbook tickets.

Simple Online Registration

Attendees can easily purchase
tickets or register online via
smartphone, tablet, or any other

Sell Tickets From Your

Create customized online event
registration pages and a beautiful
ticketing experience that matches
your brand perfectly.

Build Seating Charts

Allow customers to select their own
seats via our app’s simple interactive
seating chart.

Promote events

Create web pages and email campaign. Use our
powerful social media promotion and marketing tools
to increase attendance and enhance attendee engagement.

Email Marketing

Send personalized email invites and
schedule timely communications
with your event attendees

Social Media Integration

Post your event info to popular
social media sites and allow
attendees to spread the word via
Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and

CRM and Segmentation

Save all your attendees’ info in one
place, and segment customer lists in
order to make your email
announcements and event invites
more effective

Tracking Links and Affiliate

See which sites and ads are sending
the most traffic to your website and
registration page(s)

Embed Custom Widgets

Use Eventgrid’s personalized
widgets to display event listings on
your website(s)

Landing Pages

Use split testing and more to trial
various landing pages and collect
leads via various promotions

Manage all

Stay organized and manage all your events and attendee access and ticketing online

Reporting and

Organize, manage, and track
correspondence with all
attendees via our proprietary
analtyics - that can also be
easily exported via common

Respond to Questions

Answer questions and mitigate
concerns from attendees
within the event management

Collect Information

Gather contact info and more
from each attendee with
Eventgrid’s open-ended or
multiple choice questions

Name Badges and

Automatically create badges
using existing templates for
registered attendees and
export the attendee list for
future marketing endeavors

Collect payments

Receive payments online via Eventgrid’s own processing tools or simply use PayPal

Secure Credit Card Processing

Offer a seamless customer
experience without the need for a
merchant account by receiving
and processing transactions via
Stripe.com, Authorize.net - or
simply use PayPal


Choose to include the service
charges or fees “in the price of a
ticket” in order to ensure there is
no cost to you or your company

Accept Donations

Choose to accept donations to
the charity of your choice instead
of charging for entry to your

Advanced features

Group Buying, VIP Packages, Merchandise and Store, SalesForce Integration and more features.

Group Buying

Eventgrid allows for group
buying workflows, team
memberships, and group

Seating Charts

Let your customers select the
seats they want via our
interactive seating layouts

VIP Packages and Merchandise

Sell event merchandise easily
with Eventgrid’s store

SalesForce Integration

Sync contacts with SalesForce
and other CRM programs

Payment Connections

Using Authorize.net,
Stripe.com, or other merchant
processing accounts is a piece
of cake with Eventgrid

Membership Management

Make it simple for you and
your guests to sign up, renew,
and manage their
communications in general


Manage your entire event using our mobile applications

Mobile Friendly

Give your attendees the ability
to quickly and securely register
for your events directly from
mobile devices

Box Office

Sell more tickets online with
our amazing mobile box office
functionality, print tickets,
name badges and collect

OnSite Check-In
Mobile App

Check in Attendees at the door
using name or QR codes with
our Ipad and Iphone app. Sync
your list to your mobile app

Geo Fencing

Use iBeacon and Passbook
integration to provide Auto
Check-in functionality