Online Fundraising Essentials: How to Write Your Fundraising Page


The internet is an essential avenue for reaching a greater audience for your fundraising and charitable mission.

Tools like Eventgrid provide a platform by which you can receive donations through secure online payments (credit card, Stripe and PayPal) without any fees. You can also include instructions for receiving donations by check, cash or gifts in kind.

Given that you have a platform for hosting and building your fundraising page, what details do you need to include in order to persuade potential donors? How can you design your fundraising page for maximum impact? We’ll show you how.

1. Share your vision and purpose well

The first step to a great fundraising page is a clear and compelling mission. Are you sending children from low-income families to summer camp? Digging wells for clean water in Cambodia? Let your cause be clear and specific. Consider putting it in the name of your campaign and writing it in a tagline. For example: “Good Wells: Bringing clean water to the world, one well at a time.”


Tip: Write your mission into your campaign name and website title, and create a supporting tagline around it.


2. Bring hope and inspire involvement 

Write in a way that emphasizes how great your supporters are, and how much difference you can make together. You may be tempted to go into detail about how pressing needs are, how much suffering there is, and how desperately your project needs funding.

But beware of painting a depressing vision. Instead, bring hope and be positive. Make visitors to your page feel that change is happening, and that with their help, great things can be accomplished!

3. Make it easy to say yes

 Don’t let your “Donate Now” link or button be buried deep within your page and hidden amongst text. Let your donate action be easy to find in every section of your page. Also make your donation form clean and simple, with secure donations processing.

Again, Eventgrid is a helpful platform for hosting online donations, and it helps you build great donations pages with clear donation buttons and simple forms.


4. Show how donations will be used 

Donors want more details on what their money will go towards. List out specific things that their money will purchase, whether it’s school supplies or apple trees. How much money does it take to transform one family, or one village?
The more hard data and details you can provide, the more convincing your case will be.

5. Inspire trust by being transparent 

Be transparent about how you spend your funds, for example, what percentage goes to administration and what percentage goes directly to the field. Do you spend money on marketing? Do you have paid staff? Transparency inspires trust, and it helps people make an informed decision on whether they should support you.


6. Ask for a simple and specific action 

Presenting one clear and simple ask makes it easier for people to respond. For example, “Will you give $50 today to send one child to school for a year?” Make sure you do make an ask. After explaining everything about your cause and what your organization has done, don’t forget to make your clear and specific request.

7. Share inspiring stories 

People’s hearts and emotions gravitate toward human stories. So talk about people whose lives have been impacted by your good work. Include their names and a happy photo. Showing real people and real lives helps supporters to see the actual impact their donations are making.


A lot goes into building a successful fundraising campaign. We’re here to help. Eventgrid is your solution for zero-fees online fundraising, building a fundraising page, campaign promotion and more.

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