Membership Management 

Attract, Renew, Manage and Retain your members

Eventgrid’s Membership Management Software

Eventgrid’s Membership Management Software integrates with our current event registration, email marketing, and CRM tools. With this new functionality, member-based organizations, such as associations, nonprofits and clubs can use Eventgrid as their primary membership management system, rather than having to synchronize data between multiple applications. Now you can automate and simplify membership tasks for your members, volunteers and grow your membership.

With Eventgrid’s Online Membership Management Software, your organization can:

Collect membership sign-ups and renewals during event registration or directly from your website

Automatically send renewal reminders and purchase confirmations

Send email newsletters, promotions, announcements and other communications with our robust automated email marketing engine

Track new memberships, renewals, and expirations with specialized reports

Connect members through directories with detailed contact profiles

Allow members to view attendance, registration, and payment history from a web portal


Simplify the membership application process

Eventgrid provides a fully automated the application process. Create a web-based and mobile-friendly form where applicants can provide all the information you need. You can customize application processing rules to suit your needs.



Offer Membership Benefits

Eventgrid’s membership management software allows you to offer membership benefits to your members. You can offer them discounts to events, ability to attend all events or offer specific pricing to membership. When members log-in to their accounts, they can see what benefit they have and can easily redeem their benefits.



​Automate your Membership Renewal

You can automate administrative processes to join and renew on the memberships on your organization's website. You can create multiple membership types to handle tiered member management and pricing.

You can also send automated membership renewal emails based on anniversary date. Additionally, members can also log-in to their computer or mobile device, and renew their membership on the spot!





My Profile

Using Eventgrid’s membership management module, members can control their personal information or hide the visibility of their information and membership status. Allow members to view and updated contact information and upload photos.

Eventgrid’s membership management software allows members to view their history and manage registrations in one place. Members can review previous event registrations and upcoming events and modify existing registrations in one place.



And More Features


Setup searchable online member directories

Online membership directories are a great way to help your members connect with each other.

You can set up multiple, always up-to-date member directories for your organization, with complete control over the information shown in each one.

Maximize Member Retention Rates

Use the membership management software to add more personalized communication with your members inorder to maintain a tighter bond and sense of partnership.

Attract new members and encourage existing ones to renew with targeted messaging and a user-friendly signup process. Incentivize members to renew early with time-related discounts and specials Increase email open rates with personalized communications via data tags. ​