Online Registration Made Easy
​5 Ways to Simplify Online Registration

Knowing how to register online, choosing session or workshop options, and making online payments can be far out of comfort zone for many.

There are ways that you can make the online registration process easier and smoother for everyone, techy or technophobe. Here are 5 steps to get you started.

1. Use widgets on your event page

Text can be overwhelming, but visuals can help. Don’t let the key details of your event – and instructions on how to register – get lost among tons of text. Instead, use visual tools like widgets. A calendar widget on your event page, for example, gives an easy, at-a-glance summary of when your events, classes or workshops take place. Registrants can see right away all the available events organized in a clear, calendar format.  

2. Add buttons on your event page

Give registrants an obvious, one-click doorway to online registration. The best way is to feature a big button, labeled “Register Now” or “Click to Register.” That way, after seeing all the event details, attendees will be clearly prompted on the next step to take. Remember to make this “Register Now” button available on every page of your event site, and on your organization’s website as well. That way, wherever people have explored, they can shortcut back to online registration.

3. Customize your forms to require less information

One headache about registering online is filling in all the fields. Simply your online forms by cutting out fields you don’t need. Maybe you don’t need to collect addresses or birthdates, for example. The less fields to fill out, the less stress for those registering.

​​4. Allow payment by cash or check also

Can online registration accommodate cash and cheque payments? Yes, absolutely. You can customize your payment page to list the options to send payment by mail or to pay in person – simply by including the instructions for doing so. Registrants who choose to pay cash or cheque can still complete their registration online. Their completed registration will be listed as “open” status on your end, after which you can manually change the status to “closed” or finalized once you receive payment.

5. Send instant registration confirmation

“Okay, I’ve clicked ‘Send,’ now what?” One anxiety for people who register online is whether their payment has been processed, or whether they’ve really been registered. Assure your attendees by sending an instant email confirmation and payment receipt that includes the necessary information: event time and date, details such as parking and childcare, organizer’s contact information, and of course, a kind thank you note.

A professional online registration program can help you achieve all the of the above steps and more. Eventgrid offers website building tools – including free widgets, customizable forms, secure payment processing, and automated email confirmations.
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